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Admin account & members: is it possible to have 2 licenses for 2 members + 1 admin?


The company for which I work for would like to have 2 professional licenses associated for 2 employees.

Question: can we have 3 users here (me as admin and these 2 other members) with only these 2 professional licenses?


I’m pretty sure you can own a team as a restricted viewer, meaning you can assign the two licenses to the other members.

Can someone explain how to do this?
Our Account/Finance team would like to be admin so they can keep control of billing but won’t be doing any editing. We don’t want their account to take up an editor license.

To me the permissions look like a linear progression, or is that because we are still on the free plan?

You will see those options once you set up a team on a professional account. I don’t think those options are seen on free plan.

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