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Adjust the points of two shapes at the same time

Hi,I don’t know if you use a high frequency operation very often when you are creating graphics.
Select the points of both shapes at the same time to adjust.
Like in Sketch, select two graphs, press Enter, and all the points will come out.
But,Figma now only has a layer by layer adjustment point.
emmmm…Hopefully, something similar can be done.

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Edited the title and moved this to the product ideas category so that others can vote and share their ideas. :slight_smile:

ok~thank u

I have the same problem

Multi-points in multi-vectors selection! on Spectrum

Adjusting the position of points across shapes that cannot be flattened (preserving other properties) synchronously is a frequent need.

In Illustrator I would use the Direct Select tool to marquee across shapes, selecting specific points.

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