Adjust height or width of multiple objects (stickies and lines)

Right now in FigJam, you can adjust the width of a single sticky note, or the length of a single line. However, if you select more than one sticky note, adjusting the width also adjusts the height. Similarly, if you select more than one line, reducing the length also reduces the width between the objects.

I would expect these behaviors if I were adjusting the shape from the corner, but not from the side.

Why is this important


Adjusting the width of sticky notes in bulk is just generally helpful if you have a number of notes with a lot of content.

Adjusting the length of lines in bulk is important, especially given that there’s no native table functionality.

+1 on this idea!
I would also love to be able to resize multiple stickies at once from square shaped to rectangle, would be a great help when using figjam to analyse research notes, as each note often ends up with too much text to read easily in its original narrow shape.

It took me nearly a whole day to resize and reformat observers sticky notes after the last research session, so being able to bulk re-size would be a tremendous time save!

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