Adding page metada to screen designs

Hello, our team is looking for a way to add URLs, page descriptions, and keywords to every screen we’ve designed for a large product in Figma. We have folks from marketing, analytics, and content strategy working on this. Since this group is not entirely familiar with Figma, excel spreadsheets have been discussed as a possible format. However, I would like to keep Figma as a central source of truth for as many requirements and specifications as possible.

Question: Do any plugins exist for adding URLs, page descriptions, and keywords to screen designs? Do any of these work with Microsoft Excel or other table/database?


  1. Data must be easy for developers to access
  2. Page data (i.e., URLs, page descriptions, keywords) must be easy for non-designers to edit and manage
  3. Page data must be closely associated with specific screen designs, which are continually evolving

Thanks for any thoughts or ideas on this subject! I’m sure someone out there has a great solution for this.