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Adding an extra element on hover

I wanted to create a sidebar menu button with a tooltip on hover

Although I managed to create a variant, and a tooltip appears in child components, the problem is that if I add different text in that state for a child component in Prototype mode I still see the text from a parent component

(I have a simple demo but don’t know how to share it, I can not add links to the post)

The hover functionality is super janky still. If you assign a hover on a component (say a list item) then nest those in another component (dropdown menu with said list items), then try to use that in a design by changing the colors in the list item, the hover will still revert back to the original color. Not to mention how the hover state is actually changing the element in itself, rather than just rendering a different state in view, it breaks any other interaction you want that element to trigger in your design.

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