Adding a layer to component beside graphic element

When I’m trying to add a label to an existing component, where the label text is beside the graphic element, I drag the text layer into the component, but it doesn’t seemed joined. I will click on the component in the Layers menu, and the label next to it is not included in the component frame.

I’m trying to follow along with the “Figma tutorial: Interactive components” video on YouTube, and it looks like she already had the text layers in there but hidden. But it does seem as though you would never be able to add a label after the fact. Does that mean there is no way to add an element to a component unless it’s directly on top?

From what you are describing, I’m guessing that you are trying to add the text layer to a component instance, and not the original main component. You can only modify main components in this way. If that’s not what’s happening, I would need more information to figure out what’s going on.

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