Added a new seat for professional plan

We had 4 seats for the annual professional plan. Now, we added a new seat for the annual bill. but we got a bill monthly. I changed the plan to annual. so, I got a new bill is 120$.
Like this

Now, does it need to pay the monthly bill of 15$?
And, I can’t find the button to pay for the new bill of 120$.

Hey @MK1,

When you add new editors to your team on an annual subscription, Figma will charge you a separate monthly subscription for those editors. You’ll have both an annual subscription, and a monthly subscription for any extra editors—we call this “co-terming”.

To simplify your account, you can convert your monthly seats to an annual subscription. Figma will charge you a pro-rated fee, which covers those editor seats for the rest of your annual billing period. More info here:

Thank you for your help. So, I need to pay for Nov. bill of 15$, then to pay for the other 10 months’ bill of $120?

Hey @MK1,

It might be easier to connect with our support team directly. Please reach out via this form: Submit a Request

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