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Add sorting option for Flows in preview mode

We ended up creating a lot of flows and while presenting we use the left panel to go through the flows, but since we cannot sort them alphabetically, it’s hard to go through them. We tried rearranging them manually but that’s not a feasible solution if you have 30 flows, and it also has some bugs.

I wish there was a way for them to automatically stay in alphabetical order, that would really help everyone make better use of flows.

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Hey @H.H.Bandukda thanks for sharing this feedback. This is a newer feature for Figma, so we’ll definitely be continuing to improve and add more functionality here.

PS just in case you didn’t know, you can select multiple flows from within the canvas and re-order them this way. I know this isn’t quite as easy as organizing alphabetically but maybe it’ll help! :slight_smile:

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