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Add simple values as custom variables

I have a design system that I use as a starting point to build up UIs for my clients.
My design library is based on atomic design and I benefit a lot from my systematic approach of using the same tokens across the whole library.
So the usual process for me is to decide what corner radius I will use to match my client’s style, decide on line weights for the borders etc.
Now it is a lot of work to override these values one by one for each component.
If I could create tokens and build units in Figma my job would be easier and quicker.
I imagine a similar process as to how you can maintain a type and color system.

(Also it is useful when my client asks for a change in these tokens. I could even quickly show them the difference between different options on the fly.)

Have you tried using a plugin for this? Here’s one: Figma - Figma Tokens | Design tokens are an integral part of any design system, with Figma Tokens you can reference valu...

I would love for this to be supported natively in Figma. Fingers crossed it will come in a future update.

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This is awesome, thanks a lot @Grant_Novey !
Yes I agree, a native support for this would be the optimal solution.
Yesteday I watched some Figma streams on Design Systems and there were mentions about this feature. So yeah, fingers crossed!