Add "Invite Source" to User Logs

While Figma covers a lot of interesting logs by default, we are missing one important piece of information in particular:

The Activity Log of any given user unfortunately does not show HOW or BY WHOM a guest/viewer got access to our Organization.

The logs store an event when a new user joins, without any further information how they joined:

However, the log of a user who invites someone tracks this activity (only in case the “invite via email” form in figma is used of course. If the link to a file is posted somewhere, this can’t be tracked either)

Today I learned that the “Added X to Y” event is part of the “Event: Project membership changed” filter option in the global activity logs, which helps us a bit to backtrack some new users:

However, we still believe that it would be very helpful if the source / how a new user joined would be very helpful in the respective users logs.

How are you dealing with this whole topic of “safeguarding” a large organization?

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