Add custom trusted certificate


When using Cloudflare Zero Trust (which is a VPN), Cloudflare tries to decrypt all HTTPS traffic.
For some application that use cert pinning, cloudflare maintains a list of application and says “hey, google does not allow decrypting the traffic, so let’s not try to decrypt it otherwise the application/browsing will break”
For other application, we can configure them to use a custom certificate file (.crt or .pem) in order to say to this application, you can trust this certificate, allowing the traffic to be de-crypted.
I didn’t find a way to do this with Figma, resulting in an unability to use certain features, such as “Publish” feature that returns an error.
I wanted to add a screenshot of Intellij / PHPStorm that has an interface to add a custom certificate but I can’t, do I need some authorisation ? same thing for links to Cloudflare and IntelliJ’s documentation to make it clearer.
When turning off Cloudflare Zero Trust, the publish feature works well (but the device is no longer protected).

Please, can you tell me how to add Cloudflare intermediate certificate in Figma so it doesn’t break the application ?

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