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Add connector lines in Figma design files

The connector lines and shapes are very helpful when creating user flows. Will these also be supported on the Figma design files? So it’s much easier to create high fidelity user flows…


Came here to add same feedback. It will be very helpful. Please add this function to standart design tools.
I use plugins to add connections, but this less useful than your connections. Like this flexible :+1:

Not at the moment, however you can copy and paste them from FigJam into Figma. I’ve moved this into the Feedback category and updated the title. That way others can vote and add additional comments. :slight_smile:

Would be great also if you could anchor the connector links to any part of an image or object rather that just the sides. So that if you copy/paste a design you can anchor to buttons, menus, links on the design


I came here to suggest something similar, but I think FigJam should be an overlay over regular file, same way commenting is.

I created a thread here FigJam should also be an overlay over regular Figma pages (similar to commenting)

Need it. Want it. :pray::crossed_fingers:

I agree we need some way to add an arrow to point to any part of an image. Right now I have to hand-draw in arrows to point to something like leaving feedback.

I’ve been shocked for the past 3 years at the Figma product team’s flat out refusal to include connectors in Figma, despite the constant customer requests for this feature… and then they add connectors to Figjam

Connectors are the most powerful objects to be used in Figma Editor. Currently, they cannot be used with groups and frames (when you edit them you lose them) and, first of all, they cannot be exported to SVG, defeating their utility.
It would really add a lot of value if connectors would be first-class citizens of the Editor.

It could be also useful if the connectors lines could be part of a component.