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Add color to text style

  1. Add color to text styles. Why? So I can just apply a single style to my text and move on, Sketch does this. Having to declare a text style and a color style on a specific piece of text introduces an opportunity of inconsistency. Since it’s already separated you could also just not declare a color for a text style, but when I do declare a color I want that applies to the text style.

  2. For instance I have a “body” and “text link” styles. All the properties are the same except the color. For both instances I have to declare both the text and color styles. Just combine them.


We need this desperately in our system. Voting up!


Agreed! I’ve been talking about this with my teammate. This would save time and increase consistency.

Even if color is part of text style, we should be able to override the color without detaching the text style.


+1 on this!

+1! I totally agree.

Absolutely a necessary feature.

I disagree. This was one of the biggest pains in Sketch. We ended up having dozens of extra text styles just because of color… Having them separated out in Figma was a huge win for us. Simplified / cleaned up our Design System a lot.

If Figma added this, I’d want it to be an optional checkbox to: “Include color in text style”

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