Add an option to reset character

The character settings/values in the text panel can be messed up after a while.

Would be nice to have the option to “Reset Character” to get the standard values of the selected typeface.

Example from photoshop:

Does anyone else experience this? Is anyone using a plugin or workaround to help solve this?

Could you elaborate on what the problem is? I don’t think I understand.

When exploring text styles or working with type in general you will probably change its’ line height, letter spacing etc. to find a style that fits your needs. This can result in a messed up textbox.

Example of messed up text:

But what if i want to have a textbox with the standard values of a given type? Thats where I need an option to “Reset” the type to its original values. At the moment, even when creating a new textbox, Figma will use the last settings that have been used.

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Ah I see.

I haven’t run into this problem myself.

As a workaround, would it make sense to create a default style, that when you want to reset just choose that one and decouple right away?

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