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Add a webhook for Figma Analytics whenever new components are made/used

When using a design system it is a gem to know which Figma components are used the most but also in which files/projects.

As a maintainer of a design system it is imperative to understand what components (which button version for example) are used the most often. With Figma Analytics this is possible, but we cannot automate that and therefore we would like to have a webhook that perhaps is triggered once a day. It does not need to be real-time, but perhaps in a report kind of setup.

Another important part of that webhook is to the ability to know what is added. For example we have deprecated (or maybe for other use-cases special/tagged) components and we would like to know on a continuing basis when these are still used, but more importantly: where! Which shortlinks can we get out of Figma Analytics Webhook to get (as the design system team) in contact with the appropriate teams to help them migrate to the new components setup or understand their use-case why they need a deprecated component.

Hope this is possible and a priority while it would make our work as a design system way more easier. #automation :wink: