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Add a timer/countdown

Would be awesome to have a function to start a timer/countdown that’s visible for everyone on the board. E.g. for brainstorming you could define a timebox.


Was just gonna suggest that! Yes — timer and voting are both a must for me.

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Would be great to have a built-in timer/countdown to coordinate brainstorming sessions.

Love the beta so far!

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+1 to timer! I use this for so much brainstorming with my team and it would be so helpful, i am guessing it was removed because it was buggy?

+1, much needed

+111111 – need this!

We just had our first workshop using FigJam and I must say its an amazing tool. I would really like it if we can run timer inside FigJam to manage time Better.

I feel it will be great edition to FigJam


Same here !
Can’t wait to have this one live : its really missing to direct big workshops

Yessss! Miro has this and it makes running workshops so much easier and smoother. They recently added music to it which is also great.

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  1. My team and I like to do brainstorming sessions. Each part of the session is timed. It’ll be super cool to have a timer built into FigJam so all of us know how long we have until the next stage.

Introducing a timer to FigJam! :alarm_clock:


Set a shared timer in FigJam to keep brainstorms, retros, and workshops on track

  • Anyone in a file can start, stop, or pause the timer
  • The timer always starts, stops, and pauses for everyone in the file
  • Learn more here
  1. Can we also include the Timer in Figma design features, not just Figjam? When designers discussing designs, we prefer to run on Figma, then I realized there is no Timer :cry:

  2. We usually have hundreds of UI in our file, then the voting/polling become very difficult, we have to manually copy and paste all individual canvas to another place for review and vote. :confused: