Accordion with interactive components

Why is it that in September 2021 we are still in beta with interactive components? Is the project dead? Will interactive components ever be launched officially? Why does it take so long? It’s been under development for a long time now.

Is there any update on the following issue already reported by many people in this forum? Example:

forum . figma . com/t/auto-layout-doesnt-talk-with-an-interactive-component/3853

Hi there! We’ve been hard at work fixing bugs and improving performance and hope to have a date to share soon! Sorry for the wait, and thanks for your patience while we get things right!

Regarding the specific example you shared, we just added support for auto layout to the beta today. You can read more about the update here: Release Notes (September 29)

Absolutely fantastic!!! Soooooo happy to finally have this feature. I only notice some small moving around of other objects during the animation. Also, I have an issue with a nested interactive component (a checkbox on a collapsible card). If I toggle the checkbox on the card, the re-sizing of the auto-layout is broken and the content can only move up to the position where the toggled checkbox was.
Something still to be addressed but the basic auto-layout functionality was really important stuff… So happy, really… :smiley:

Great to hear! Regarding the issue, is there a file that you can share so we can see what’s happening? I tried to reproduce something similar here, but I’m not seeing the issue with resizing (though I do see a little flickering with the animation).

Hi there, I had to investigate a bit further. I could not exactly reproduce what I have in my design file. Please see below screencast to demonstrate the issue.

Also, I tried to recreate it in a separate file. Have a look at this file here and play the frame on the page “GUI”. The Group of interactive components cannot resize obviously.

Please see this file here. Just play the Frame on the page “GUI” and expand any of the lineitems. When expanded, toggle any of the checkboxes and then collapse the section again.

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