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Accessible "Present" Mode for Screenreaders and Other Assistive Technologies

More recently my teammates and I have been considering using Figma for presentations like we’d do with PowerPoint in the past. There are a lot of benefits to this, like Figma’s great collaboration features and the general ease and speed of working with the tool. But, I’m afraid that these presentations wouldn’t be accessible.

Have you all considered enhancing the “Present” view to expose the underlying content like text and images to screenreaders like VoiceOver? It may be asking too much of what’s mainly a design tool. But, the more I think about it, it may make sense. After all, what we create in Figma does live in the browser. If there were simple ways to manage the layers so that we could control the reading order within a slide and add alt text to images it could unlock a whole new world for this tool.


Hi! Similar to this post, so +1. My team is interested in adopting Figma and Figjam, but we want our workplace tools to be accessible to our blind and low-vision coworkers. Does Figma have an accessibility roadmap or accessibility statement where I can learn more about this?

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I noticed there hasn’t been a reply. Can the Export to PDF not be enhanced to incorporate the text from the underlying objects as alt text so that at least screen readers will work.