Accessibility Ask: Invert Colors or Change FigJam Background to Black Option

I’ve posted in the past about the accessibility need to support High Contrast Mode. This is still a need. Another way that we might be able to support this accessibility need to have a black background in FigJam instead of white is to provide an “invert colors” option in the accessibility settings. There’s an example of creating a bookmarklet to invert the colors on a page. This bookmarklet works for me in the browser to invert FigJam boards, but unfortunately it didn’t work for my co-worker who runs their PC with high contrast mode on.

Screenshots below of with and without the invert colors bookmarklet.

Or maybe there could be a simple option of viewing a black background instead of a white background in the accessibility settings. I know it’s not a perfect solution, but it would be a tremendous improvement for my co-worker.

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Thank you so much @Kamppari-Miller_Saara – I just linked this post to our accessibility team internally so they could see this feedback. Please feel free to drop any other suggestions as a reply as well!

While I can’t say for sure what may be implemented, I do want to let you know that we’re listening and noting on our end <3