About Team permissions filler

Hi everyone,

We are working and using Figma file with developer and designer together.
But I wanted to give permission to developer ONLY viewer.
If developer has “full” permission, they could change design files.

So I was wondering why some of the people have filtered with “full / viewer / viewer-restricted” and the other have only “full / viewer-restricted”.

We want to know how to change this permission filter.

Please check bellowing picture and answer me.

I’d greatly appreciate any suggestions or solutions the community might have to address this problem.

Hey @ga.park ,
Thanks for reaching out to the community! The viewer role is provisional. When a user is upgraded to the editor role, they can only be downgraded to the viewer restricted role.

The only difference between viewer and viewer restricted is that users with the viewer restricted role need approval before becoming an editor again. Hope this clarify your concern!