About Figma Frames and Layout

I created four frames for a mobile app named as: Homepage, Product Description, Checkout and Order Confirmation. Figma automatically arranged them from bottom to top as Homepage at the bottom and Order Confirmation frame on top of all 4 frames. Now, I wanted to add some text, figma started to adding on top of the last frame which was Order Confirmation, but I selected Homepage Frame and wanted to add text to Homepage Frame, which means that text is being added to Order Confirmation frame and not Homepage Frame?? When I Selected and dragged all text boxes to bottom of the Homepage frame manually they disappered and went to back, when I brought them to front , they again came on top of the last frame which was Order Confirmation , but I want to add these textblocks and buttons to homepage frame ?? The youtube tutorial I was watching in that the text was automatcially arranging under the Homepage frame whihc was at the bottom of all frame ? I want exactly that thing so that my text should be arranged under the homepage frame so eveyrthing should be in the right order and organized. Please help me… Thanks

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