About Component references

Component is being referenced, but the old version is being referenced instead of the latest one. The master is up to date, the old version has been deleted from the Figma design data used as the master, and the latest components have been placed. Please tell me how to resolve

Hey @yuka.narui, thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear this is happening!

Can you please try the following?

  1. In the file where the instance does not look at expected, select it and use the Quick actions tool ‘Repair component connections’ and then refresh the file and try adding a new instance?
    Quick Actions can be accessed using Command/Control + /.

  2. If this instance is from a variant set, in the file where the components are located, can you select the top level set and check for any warnings in the Properties panel, or any properties with an (!) alert next to them.
    This indicates that there are some missing or conflicting values in the set which can cause a range of problems with any instances of the set. There will be directions in the Properties panel to help you correct these issues.

  3. If there are no warnings on the variant set, or this is a single component, can you try making a ‘silent’ change to the components or all of the components in the variant set and then publishing and accepting the update.
    To do this, select the component, or all of the components in the set (not the top level set itself) and make a minor change like adding or editing a description and then publish and accept the update.