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Ability to use the camera of a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop as part of a prototype!

It would be really helpful to use the camera as part of a prototype. So many use cases revolve around the camera whether it’s Video Conferencing, taking photos, scanning QR codes etc.

More and more I need to prototype these kinds of interactions.


We develop a lot of overlay menus for AR and often are relying on still images to simulate a camera feed in the background. When using the Figma Mirror App, it would be amazing to let specific screens gain access to the devices camera and be used as an overlay on top of the camera feed.

As more AR apps get designed, such as devices that use LiDAR, this would be such a great feature!


This would be great! I am currently working on something that uses the camera. Right now I just use a screenshot of the OS Camera View Finder… It works, but does throw me off whenever I’m in that part of the prototype.

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I have used the viewfinder screenshot method also. However, even with clear callouts pointing out the placeholder image, there are times where devs still use it as the actual asset. When viewing the prototype, main stakeholders who generally never look at my notes get stuck or are unsure of what to do next.

If the Figma team manages to implement something like this to help represent camera viewfinders, it would put them ahead of the game in my opinion, since none of the top prototyping tools that I know of account for this.

Great suggestion!

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