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Ability to press Esc to select parent layer in the layers list

As a Figma user, I need to be able to select the parent entity of a group/frame/etc.

Today’s solution: apart from selecting a parent layer with the mouse in the left hand layer menu, I can select the parent by pressing Shift + Enter.

Problem: I need to let go of the mouse with my right hand in order to reach the Enter-key. This creates a disturbance in the creative flow (have to let go of the mouse, need to stare down at the keyboard, etc).

Suggested future solution: add the possibility to press the Escape-key to select the parent layer measured from whatever I have selected in the layer panel. Additional Escape-key press:es steps up in the hierarchy. Benefits is that I still can have the right hand placed on the mouse for movement etc.

I am sure that “the other UI-design software” has this implemented, and it works great. Please consider to implement this, at least like an option for the user.


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