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Ability to mark statuses/filters on comments

  1. When conversations are happening it’s difficult to know which comments are still in progress, require action or are considered resolved.

  2. Michael Miller created an implementation of this detailed here: Reimagining Comments on Figma. A redesign for the 2021 Kleiner Perkins… | by Michael Miller | Medium
    In addition, search, filtering and better notifications would also be useful here.

  3. What are current ways people resolve discussions around figma comments with multiple stakeholders?


Would love to see this implemented!


It would be great to see these features in Figma especially extended filters for comments like in the concept by Micheal Miller.


Totally support the request. It’s really hard to separate comments from time to time because of the absence of the full sorting/filtering option.

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Would be great to be able to sort comments!

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Амінь! Треба дуже )

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It would be very useful to add another filter option for comments, allowing to group the observations that haven’t been answered or resolved in the right column