Ability to Link and Update Local Assets (in the native app)

In the native app, it would be nice have the option to either embed (like currently) or link (proposed new functionality) to an asset on the local drive. This allows a user to modify an image or a vector without having to manually re-embed, and resize the asset every time a change is made to the asset. This is invaluable functionality in a program like Adobe Indesign.

Maybe there can be a place where the user can see all embedded vs linked assets and also a button where the user can instruct (the native version of) Figma to update or relink all the images, similar to how Illustrator and Indesign have a Links panel.

There is a Sketch plugin that sort of does what I’m talking about. It provides option for the user to import an image and then update all linked images.

I imagine this functionality might be hard to develop for the web app version of Figma which is why I specify it being functionality for the native version.

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