Ability to 'connect' objects to build flow charts

Figma has an obvious opportunity to replace tools like Miro for digital whiteboarding. Currently only our design & product teams use Figma, but something as simple as the ability to connect 2 objects with a ‘sticky’ arrow, would enable people to use it for things like process/flow diagrams. There’s currently a few plugins ‘arrow auto’ and ‘autoflow’ that do this, but the UX isn’t great, and it could be a lot smoother if it was a native feature. You already have the tech to do this - with how prototyping links behave visually.


Totally agree. It is only feature that makes me use Miro.


Lots of people agree with you, Autoflow is the 6th most installed plugin for Figma period (it solves this problem by the way)

As a product designer, it’s extremely important to quickly iterate and reiterate on flows and adjust as I go along. It’s very fast in Miro, very slow in Figma. Please, add the ability to quickly create flowcharts, so that each Figma file becomes a go to place for all things design/UX related.


nope, autoflow is not even remotely close to miro flow feature


Absolutely amazing proposal. With this feature, we will be able to stop using lots of tools like Lucid Chart (and Miro and alike). And, unfortunately, autoflow and alike do NOT solve this problem.

This feature request is there for at least 3 years, see -
https://spectrum.chat/figma/feature-requests/connected-arrows-lines-for-flow-diagrams-and-brainstorming~997d6391-bef0-4725-96a6-16f49ea0123b (was lost after migrating to this new forum)

But just having auto-adjusted lines/arrows will make Figma one of the most powerful diagraming tools out there - https://www.g2.com/categories/diagramming. Having components + connected lines will be amazing.

  1. I could do all of my work in Figma and bypass Miro entirely if you added the line connections, that stick to objects. (Like for flows and sitemaps, etc.)

FYI I accidentally found out the other day that you copy an arrow from FigJam into a Figma Design file and it still works as expected :exploding_head:

I’m so happy I found it - will tide me over until it becomes a first-class feature of design files. I currently use it for indicating flow of user journeys.


OH WOW! Such a pro tip, Ben

Yeah I do this to. @anon21722796 you should make these arrows accessible in the design file navigation. And to make it really awesome you’ll also should to make it snap to the middle of a frame, not only on the layers/ components in the frame.