Ability to "Archive" or "Download" all files in a Project

Add “Archive” or “Download” to the project actions. Enables us to download and store away really old “archive worthy”.

Our team is set up to add projects over time as new work rolls in from our business group. Each project has one to many files that go with it. But, once the project is over, we’d like to be able to keep it for a period of time, and then allow it to go away to an archive after a year. We don’t want to just “Delete” the object and we don’t want it to stay in the list of other stuff so that it continually clutters up search results. So, having an ability to “Archive” or “Download” at the Project action level would enable us to keep better tabs of old stuff that is no longer up and active.

Yes, we know that we can unfavorite the item to remove it from the left panel, but the old stuff still clutters up our search results. We want a way to respect our peers by downloading and saving in cases they need it later, while keeping it from our day-to-day view.

If we could have folders in the projects list, for organizing on our own, then we could set up an “archive” folder for ourselves. Otherwise, getting it out of the system as a download might be nice.


I mean, can download each file individually, but having a way to download all the fig files in one zip file would be nice too… Maybe that’s how “Download” would work?

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Hey Lucas thanks for sharing!

There’s a thread already for being able to Archive files: Archive for Files in Project
Feel free to add your vote and any additional feedback/context there. :slight_smile:

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Ok. I was thinking that it was more file by file level. My request is maybe at the project level. Being able to archive a full project should result in the files within being archived too. So, this ask is more of a “set at a time” as opposed to an “individual record at a time” method. Maybe I’m reading the other one wrong?

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Ah I see! Just updated the title a bit to make this a little more clear. Again appreciate the feedback!

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