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Ability to apply arithmetic to "Mixed" values

Currently Figma allows arithmetic in X/Y/Width/Height/etc. fields (i.e. W: 480 * 2, Y: 16 + 8). This even works when you have multiple objects selected, as long as they have the same value in the X/Y/Width/Height/etc. fields. When you select multiple objects with different values, however, the field values show Mixed and arithmetic doesn’t work on these fields.

I’d like to be able to do the same to Mixed value fields so that I may, for example:

  • Move multiple objects by the same value — X: Mixed + 20
  • Resize multiple objects equally — W: Mixed * 2
  • Additional feature request to show Mixed for the Space Between field instead of hiding it when multiple objects are selected with different values

image image
(:point_up: What it would look like.)


That’s what I was thinking about this morning; it would be very useful.