A single page runs out of memory when scrolling to a certain spot

Is there a way I can get support to check out a Figma file my team is using?

With my resource monitor on view, I navigate to the problem page, scroll a bit inside it, and then it crashes. Figma then tells us that file has run out of memory and it suggests we recover from the version history, but it’s useless–nothing happens when I restore. There wasn’t even a spike on the Resource use.

Whats’s strange is that the file isn’t even that large! It’s just a few screens and there aren’t any images on it.


We are facing the same issue. Do you know a way to solve it?

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Same here! No objects, no pages, no styles, no images at all. It seems to have 973220 layers and 1,25 GB with nothing inside. Any possibility in mind?

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@Viscount_Villanueva, @Fabi, do you use branching?

For @Viscount_Villanueva & any others experiencing this – if you’d like support to take a look at your specific files, you can fill out this form (make sure to include the link to the file before submitting): https://help.figma.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

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