A shortcut key to select autolayout panel (alignment box)

So, we have shortcut to add autolayout (shift+A) and then, we can do a variety of adjustments right on the canvas for that frame (adjust padding, gap, width, height).

Then if we want to chance the alignment of the childs elements inside the frame we have to go to the right sidebar, select the alignment box and THEN we have other set of shortcuts, (Set alignment, Set alignment to edge, Toggle baseline alignment, Toggle gap between).

But if I am already in the alignment box with the cursor, why would I use that shortcuts? I can change that right in the alignmet box (becouse Im already there!)

So… for this shortcuts to be really usefull, We need a way to select the alignment box without going to the right sidebar and selected it.

So a shorcut key for “select autolayout panel” or "select alignment box"would be a hugh difference, and we wolud have fully control of auto layout properties without leave the frame we are working on. This have sense to you to or what do you think?

Hey @Carolain_Hernandez, thanks again for sharing your feedback with us! I’ve seen you’ve tagged Figma and shared this Twitter post. I’ve forwarded this to our teams internally for consideration.

Thanks again for taking your time, this helps us roadmap future updates!

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