A shape that fills the frame, selects the frame when you click on the shape itself

I don’t know exactly how to explain this, but let me try and break down the scene I have.

I have a frame, on this frame there is a rectangle that fits the frame completely. So the frame and the rectangle are both the same size and shape. When I click on the shape, the rectangle, the frame get selected as a whole and not the individual rectangle. Why does this keep happening?

I’m not selecting the frame, I’m clicking on the rectangle shape directly, yet it is selecting the frame. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Is the frame inside another frame?
When frames and objects get nested more than one level it becomes impossible for Figma to accurately know what you are clicking at, so just clicking to selecting stuff only goes one level deep. If you want to select things deeper down you can either:

  1. Double click until you’ve selected what you want
  2. Ctrl/Cmd click to select the most deeply nested object that you’re mouse hovers on
  3. Ctrl/Cmd right click to bring up a layer picker for what’s under your mouse cursor

The frame is not in a frame. I just drew the rectangle on the frame to fill the frame.

It seems this is how Figma operates.

Ah, I think I understand why.
Since the rectangle is positioned at 0, 0 and is the exact same size as the frame, it basically just acts as a background fill for the frame. In that case if the rectangle would get selected and moved around it’s probably not what you want so Figma makes the assumption that you want to select the frame. The behavior might make more sense considering that nothing can be a component without a frame wrapping it. If you make a rectangle into a component, deselecting and selecting it would just behave just as before if you start moving it around.

Cool thanks Klesus. I understand now.

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