A question about sticker sheets

Hi there! I am a UX Design student currently enrolled in Google’s UX Design certificate program. I’ve just completed the unit about design systems and sticker sheets, and I have a question about sticker sheets. We were introduced to the concept and creation of sticker sheets after we had completed a hi-fi prototype, so all of the buttons, icons, etc. were already created and exist in multiple instances throughout the mockups. So if I were to make a sticker sheet after the fact, which does seem like a logical step since you want to first get an idea of what all of your assets will look like, is there an easy way to replace each instance with a component retroactively? I hope this makes sense! I’m still learning but I hope I used the correct terms in the correct context.

There are plugins that will do it after the fact. Master is one

Thank you! I’ll look into it.