A Lock for guides/rulers

As a user I want to lock the guides so that I dont accidently select or move them.

This is frustrating. There are times when layout grids are are the correct tool to use and a time when guides/rules are the correct tool.

When you are zoomed out it’s impossible to select elements without selecting or moving guides/rules.

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Layout grids work well for layouts…
…but if your working with vectors and you need to align to something fast a grid is too slowso ditching rulers is not the option required here.

One of the huge advantages to figma is its intuative for work related to layout and UI…like vector drawings for layouts.

Yes I could create a layout grid but that would be slower, especially if you want a few rules/guides…and then you dont… IMHO you should be able to select and lock.

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When working on a complex layout with columns, a grid is not enough, sometimes not even useful. Guides are a better way to build a structure and then start working on top of it, yet there isn’t an option to block those guides, and if you have a bunch of elements, it’s easy to move them by mistake and mess up the whole thing. It would be great if you can add this option to future releases. Thanks


some people like grid and some people prefer guides. figma should have both. i would like guides to be locked. specially when i just need to items to snap to that guide line.


I’m having the same issue. I like using guides. I find them useful. But I keep accidentally moving my guides when I’m intending to drag an object.

Please add a “Lock Guides” option. Thank you!


I was just looking for a solution to this. I only use a guide to show me where my page breaks are, so i realized i could make a custom grid and add a 1 pixel row aligned to the top with the necessary margin (1020px) … it’s a really nice and elegant way to setup guides.

So i have my layout grids with a guide to show my page break. Hope it helps someone out there.

I’d like to be able to lock guides as well. I don’t use them often, really only just for designing icons to mark the safe space. Guides are much better suited for the job than grids.

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PLEASE ADD THIS “FEATURE”. The fact that it isn’t already available is ridiculous.

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Sometimes when i’m working on graphic design stuff, I use a lot of rulers which sometimes get in the way of actual work, because you can accidently drag them. Having an option to “lock” them, so you’re unable to drag\focus them would be handy.

With Shift + left click you can select the object behind the guide, but yes, is a super useful have it!

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