A granular apporach to user roles


I’m currently working on a text-heavy project with many copy & UX writers. They used to have editor access, but often times accidentally changed designs and hence I had to revoke their editor access. Now all input comes in the form of comments, which is quite time consuming for me. What I want: A more granular approach to editor permissions. This would be immensely helpful for larger organizations.

As an admin user of Figma,
I want a more granular approach to managing editor permissions with full CRUD functionalities,
So that I can assign specific editing capabilities to individual users based on their roles and responsibilities within our projects. This would allow me to better control the level of access and editing power each user has, preventing unnecessary changes and maintaining the integrity of our designs.

Acceptance Criteria:

  1. I should be able to assign or remove specific editing permissions to/from individual users.
  2. I should be able to create different levels or types of editor roles, each with its own set of permissions eg. only edit content of texts or only be able to change colors or not able to create new components or not able to edit certain projects, files or pages.
  3. I should be able to easily change a user’s editor role type or adjust their permissions as needed.
  4. The system should accurately enforce the permissions for each user, allowing or preventing actions based on their assigned permissions.

I searched the Figma plugin documentation and couldn’t find any way on how to leverage this via APIs. Please Figma, bring it on.

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