A Figma Design Review tool : MOST NEEDED!

Hi there,

I was wondering if Figma has a feature for Design reviews ? (UX + UI)
Would be one of the best next thing to add to this fantastic design tool to make it complete at all design stages !

Something that would allow designers and developers interact better, easy to use :

  • enter dev url and display what has been developed next to the original design
  • being able to navigate through pages or display several developed pages (maybe even chose what pages we want to see !)
  • comment exactly where improvements is needed on the page + being able to link it to original design as reference if needed
  • some tool where the amendments could be synched and when updated gets automatically refreshed to display the new developed version
  • versioning would still be required to trace updates

For Inspiration, someting like this, but better : ruttl

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