404 when I go to sign in page

I have a virtual registration and wasn’t able to attend Config yesterday but was planning to today. Neither of the links in the email work for me. I get a 404 for both the sign in link and for the Config website link. I’m able to get to the Config website other ways, but I see no link for signing in. I get a 404 for https://go.figma.com/Nzc4LU1FVS0yODEAAAGMeKWfpECRDHdorIGAkJ7qwDTIU66t2n3o1lNrG1q2H1mtqG3Js6n1uola-PQf-E1c9ZheKt8= so I don’t get to the point where I can even enter my email and passcode.

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