4 square mosaic responsive wrap

Hi everyone, I’m struggling to find out why I can’t make a 4 square mosaic responsiv wrap: I have an auto-layout wrap with four squares in it; i’d like to make it responsive so when I hover on one of the squares it becomes bigger and the other responsively become smaller (therefore the square next to the hoovered one shrink only in width while the other two, on the other line, shrink only in height - see image for a better explanation, where i’ve done it manually)

I’ve set the outer square, the wrap as fixed, and the inside ones as fill (both height and width), I’ve also set min and max widht/height in order to control the shrinking/expansion. BUT when I try to enlarge one of the inside squares the one next to it instead of filling the space goes out of the outer fixed square.

Can you please help me with it? thank you so much :slight_smile:

Hi there,

Thanks for the post! Could you please share the file link so we can dive into your file?