3D Camera's?

Heyyyy Fig’s (sorry if that’s not a thing, I’m new to the community :sweat_smile: ).
Sooo I come from a 3D background, trying to transition into web design and Webflow development. I’m wondering if it’s possible to create a 3D perspective camera for some yummy interactions. For example, I’ve got a project gallery I’m designing for a client & I’d like to add a 3D Perspective to the viewport. When the user moves their mouse around they’ll reveal more projects tucked in the corners, with certain elements fixed to their 2D positions ( Like the navbar, “Go Back” button, etc. I hope this makes sense.

So is this possible? Or will I have to find a creative way to show this interaction?

*Ps, I’m really enjoying using Figma as a design tool, but what’s more is the community, resources, and their constant updating of features. INSAAANE!!!:south_africa::heart::sparkles:

If I understand your use case, you could fake a 3D viewport with mouse moves triggering various magic animations that arrange those project thumbnails in different ways (think parallax). But it wouldn’t be true spatial/rotational 3D.

For example, if you need elements in your 3D view to skew, Figma won’t be able to handle that smoothly.

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I didn’t even think of making the interaction like how you’d make a parallax effect. You’re a true G, thank you!:pray:t5::heart:

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