2 pages CV in one PDF

Sorry if this is a common question but I couldn’t find answers. I have a 2 pages CV. How do I combine these as only one PDF export, please? Help in regard to the matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Hélène

File > Export frames to PDF...
This exports all frames on a page, so if you have something that you don’t want in the export, move them to another page.

Thanks so much Klesus, I have tried this earlier but it created 2 pdf instead of one. I would like 1 pdf containing those two pages

Are you sure you’re not confusing it with File > Export...?
It is not the same as File > Export frames to PDF... and when I do it I get all frames in one PDF.

Yes I have tried this but it doesn’t work, Is there something I missed in the process like grouping, selecting frames etc?

It should be pretty straight forward. Top level frames becomes pages within a single PDF. If it doesn’t work you might want to file a bug report.

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