120hz on new MacBook Pro

Hi guys,
I buy new excellent MacBook with 120gz amazing screen. Why Figma not supported 120hz and feeling so laggggy?

Hey @Katalyn,

Figma is predominantly browser-based software, which means it can be run on all full desktop operating systems. Figma also uses WebGL (Web Graphics Library) to handle rendering. This has very low graphical requirements which means it runs well on most browsers.

Are you lagging both in browser and using the desktop app? Is your web browser or macOS up to date? More info on minimum system requirements here:

I use the last version of MacOS and Safari browser. In Figma 60Hz frequency is used, but the entire system (Mac) has 120Hz that’s why I feel like there is lack of fpc (frames per second).
Are there 120Hz in Figma will be supported?

@dvaliao I added an explanation

so big problem - no solutions…

I dont find solutions for this problem for my new Macbook pro too.
Maybe developers fix this in future updates

As of right now, we haven’t been able to replicate + notice any issues with on our end regarding this specifically @Katalyn.

Our support team should be able to take a closer look to see if there’s something odd going on, and you can file a ticket here to have them investigate: Submit a bug form →

If you can share any files you’ve noticed lagging on/device specs for your mac/etc. in the form you submit, that would be helpful. Thank you :smiling_face: